Screenshot of Campaign Designer

Campaign Manager 6.0

Our new Adaptive Customer Experience™ platform allows marketers to operate with breakthrough speed and behavioral insights within a single marketing system.

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Photo of CRO PROS presentation

CRO PROS: Marketing In the Moment

Alterian collaborated with Catchi to host a CRO PROS session, “Marketing In the Moment,” discussing the importance of real-time marketing.

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Consumer attention span is less than 8 seconds

Customer Experience is Everything: Forrester Consumer Marketing Forum 2017

There has been a notable and growing focus on CX within the industry as the relationship between brands and consumers evolves.

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DMA Customer Engagement 2017 logo

The Battle for Attention: Customer Engagement in the Modern Age

Rebecca Trivella, SVP EMEA at Alterian, writes about her participation in a DMA UK panel on customer engagement in financial services and retail industries.

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Verizon logo

Verizon Ditches Email, but You Don’t Have to Lose Contacts

As you may have heard, Verizon is throwing in the towel on the email business. The company recently announced that it would soon disable its email services.

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Dear Marketer

Alterian has rejoined the martech landscape with one big message: Adapt. We’re in the game to create customer experience technology to let you do just that.

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Picture of CSS code on Macbook

A Marriage made in Data

The landscape has changed in ten years, but if anything, it has got more exciting for developers building marketing tools.

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Looking at data

Valet or Voyeur?

How would you would like to be treated? Does your data or tech support that outcome?

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