Dear Marketer

Dear Marketer

Wow, what a start! It’s only been a few months since we took Alterian back into the market and it has been a whirlwind. Firstly, we want to thank the myriad of well-wishers, current and prospective partners and Alterian Marketers, as well as the analysts who we have able to spend time with since we announced the return of Alterian. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we cannot tell you how much this means to us. Now it is time for us to step up and prove ourselves worthy of the buzz that has been generated.

There seem to be two main questions on everyone’s mind. The first is how well the product is doing? The strength of the product is the main reason we made the decision to take the company back out to market. We have been hard at work and are excited to announce the imminent release of our brand-new user interface designed specifically for Alterian Marketers, that will anchor the product and jumpstart us into the next phase of our development. It is on track for release in Q2, along with our new website, and we can’t wait to show you how your feedback has helped us make improvements that will really enhance your day to day operations by making it easier to build and deploy a campaign.

The second question is what the heck is Alterian going to do next? Let us answer that question with some questions of our own. With your current technology, are you confident that you are providing the best possible customer experience across all touchpoints? I’m going to ask that again…across ALL of your touchpoints? If you think you’re already doing it, are you doing it fast enough, so it actually makes a difference? If you are still doing batch and blast, or have trigger based email campaigns and pre-defined customer journeys, what do you do when the customer deviates from the planned path and decides to interact with your brand on a channel that is NOT part of your campaign?

Rather than jumping straight into the latest game of buzzword bingo and claiming “cross-channel” this, and “real-time interaction” that, with a bit of “machine learning” over here, and “AI” over there, we want to solve a more relevant challenge with you. We’ve got a new way of achieving your business objectives that you may never have considered before, or that hasn’t even been possible with existing technology.

What if there was a way to bring back old school one to one marketing principles and merge them with new school challenges, such as the modern reality of multiple channels, multiple devices and tech savvy consumers. What if, when interacting with every individual customer, you could finally use both their historical AND in-the-moment one to one relationship information to ensure that you always send the right message? We all realize that it’s impossible to know 100%  what your customer’s next move is going to be, but if you can ADAPT to their behavior and always be one step ahead of them with the right message no matter WHERE and WHEN they interact with your brand, does the channel even matter? We aren’t just talking about managing the customer’s journey, because guess what…you’re not in control of the customer’s journey, they are! More importantly, we are talking about making sure that every potential touchpoint is always updated with the latest state of the customers 1:1 relationship information upon every single interaction…in milliseconds. We are talking about quickly maximizing opportunities to increase the value of a single customer based on both their individual historical and in-the-moment information…in milliseconds. We are talking about creating a truly relevant, intimate, intuitive, and ADAPTIVE customer experience that naturally adapts to the unpredictable behavior of your customers and improves every single time a brand interaction occurs….in milliseconds. Finally, we are talking about becoming truly Adaptive Marketers!

These are the challenges that we have already begun to solve for Alterian Marketers, and the unique value that we are excited to build on when taking this iconic brand back into the world with you. Let us learn together from your unique challenges and grow our knowledge together as ADAPTIVE marketers. It’s been said this is the “Age of the Customer”. Well, when did it ever stop being the age of the customer!?! It seems that it has actually become the “Age of the Adaptive Marketer” and our focus is going to be on YOU, Adaptive Marketer!

We’re back, and it’s a pleasure to be re-acquainted with you. It’s been far too long and we have a lot of catching up to do…so let’s get to it – in milliseconds!

Bob Hale headshot

Bob Hale, Chief Executive Officer

Bob Hale is a global technology executive known for successfully transforming and leading marketing technology organizations with domestic and international settings. With 27 years of executive-level experience in the industry, Bob operates with a hungry, start-up mentality wherever he goes and inspires his team to do the same. He understands the diverse and ever-changing nature of technology and prides himself on recognizing and pursuing opportunities for change. 

Bob loves living in the beautiful Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver, Colorado and enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. Outside of the office, Bob likes to hike, tinker on projects around home, and has a passion for classic cars. 

Why do you do what you do?

“Marketing is what humanizes a company to its customers. Helping companies be better than their competition is my passion. Plus, at the end of the day, we are all consumers—how would you want to experience a brand? That’s how we get to the heart of business’s needs.”