Identity Management

Building a comprehensive view of consumers across all interactions and channels


Identity management is a core component of the Alterian Real-Time CX Platform which Forrester and Gartner identify as a market leader in customer journey and analytics.

The Alterian platform progressively builds real-time profiles for each individual consumer from their engagement across all brand touchpoints (Web, Email, SMS, App, Call Center, Store, third party data, plus many more) incorporating both in the moment and historical activity. At the center of each consumer interaction is an identity graph built from key pieces of customer identity; such as digital finger prints, channel details such as email address, phone numbers and customer identifiers such as loyalty member ids. Brands can leverage cookie ids as well they are not required for identity management as they can be blocked.

Forrester Wave Leader Gartner

Alterian adds additional value by linking identity to an individual’s behavioral, transactional and attitudinal data dramatically improving a brand’s understanding of each consumer across their lifecycle. From first anonymous contact through to repeat loyal engagement ever-increasing a brands ability to engage with them by:

  • Linking historical anonymous behavior to a known customer/prospect when they become known either through login, sign up or an inbound interaction from another channel such as email.
  • Joining behavior from one touchpoint to another across the customer journey in real-time. For example, clicking through from a promotional email turns unknown web activity into an enhanced view of an addressable customer through web and email.
  • Nudging and promoting a continuous value exchange with each customer/prospect for wider contact permissions and additional data to improve every interaction.
  • Re-engaging on the channel and with the content/offer that is most appropriate for each individual customer
Forrester Wave Leader


Alterian clients continually beat industry average performance of their peers:
  • 37% increase in sales revenue though 1 to 1 cart recovery for a luxury travel retailer
  • $70 return for every $1 invested for a leisure apparel company
  • 75% identity resolution across interactive channels for global energy supplier


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Alterian Rapid Journey AI measures, analyzes and recommends journey improvements with as little as a simple web tag.

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Rapid Journey AI

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