Customer Data is Not Consolidated & Centralized

Constantly asking others for the answers to questions that you should already know? Struggling to consolidate all your customer data into one marketing-specific format? Powering campaigns with audience segments that don’t consider all customer data?

The Problem

Having many channels provides multiple data collection points for the marketer; however, it also creates disconnected data silos and competing formats, making it difficult to understand the full extent of each customer relationship. Most marketing systems today force customer data into multiple, channel-centric databases without a single unified view of the customer. As a result, there is no holistic and dynamic view of all historical customer data, which creates inaccurate customer counts, skewed campaign results, out of context audience segments. This leads to poor marketing performance across the board.

The Solution

For more than 20 years, Alterian has allowed Adaptive Marketers to effectively consolidate and quickly understand their customers from one standardized and extremely fast database. The Adaptive Marketer™ Data Environment acts as the centralized backbone for Chameleon™; it was built for the marketer from the ground up and optimized for speed. Its versatile and robust data architecture enables Adaptive Marketers to connect any data source and then unify the data model into a desired marketing-specific format, allowing for an accurate understanding of each customer, full context audience segmentation, and extremely fast analytics.


More is more. Triple the lifetime value of your customers.

Alterian and Direct General

Generate revenue by better understanding your customers.

Direct General generated millions of dollars in revenue with one campaign that started with consolidating and centralizing all their customer data.

By creating their own Adaptive Marketer™ Data Environment, Direct General increased their conversion rate by 66% and overall conversions by 20%. Through consolidation, Chameleon™ enabled them to identify hundreds of thousands of customers that were not yet being identified and targeted. It also put all customer data at their fingertips, which provided them with more detailed and holistic insights as well as sophisticated audience segments that power their Adaptive Customer Experience™.

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