Personalize in Real Time

The Problem

The potential customer visits a website and browses extensively, then a short time later, she uses an app to further explore the product or services. Even though the website and the app record her preferences and interests, they fail to coordinate across channels to create a consistent experience and to personalize the experience or influence the customer’s behavior.

The Solution

The Alterian Customer Experience platform integrates behavior patterns, preferences and actions across all channels using fast and slow data to deliver a customer-focused decision in real time, rather than a single channel focus. Alterian consistently delivers real-time personalization, offers and next steps in the customer’s journey and immediately updates across all channels. All the touchpoints and departments of your brand speak in unison – Marketing, Support, Sales – to deliver the next best action for the customer.



Increased Conversion by more than 200% vs. default one-size-fits-all content.

Increase Customer Loyalty – 90% of brands believe consistency across channels improves loyalty.

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