Slow Access & No Control of Customer Data

Too reliant on IT and other departments to access and edit customer data? Forced to learn SQL to query your enterprise data warehouse for static reports? Can’t edit and create new data variables on the fly without help?

The Problem

Analyzing customer data can take days or even weeks when you are forced to rely on IT and engineering-based tools to access it. By the time you receive a siloed and static report, your customers’ behavior has changed, making the report irrelevant for creating accurate audience segments and optimizing existing campaigns. Even if you have a healthy and harmonious relationship with IT, it still takes longer than we want to edit and create new variables based on trends and insights learned during our analysis. This is especially true when each data source has their own unique format.

The Solution

No more relying on other departments for data! Chameleon™ ensures that all your customer data is consolidated and centralized into one marketing-specific format that you manage and control. This is done using a widely-known open-source framework and Alterian’s proprietary practices. Access data and run your own reports based on the full context of your customers and campaigns. Experience results and create new data variables in seconds as you query hundreds of millions of rows of customer and campaign data, allowing you to answer questions and optimize your Adaptive Marketing strategy at the speed of thought.


Patience is not a virtue when it comes to customer data. Operate with a 90% faster train of thought.

Customer and campaigns analytics graph icons

Regain access and control of your customer data by centralizing and consolidating it.

As Adaptive Marketers™ ourselves, we understand the struggles that come along with not having quick access and full control of your customer data. Check out the eight solutions that Insights provides so you can start answer questions and discovering new ones on your own!

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