Too Many Teams, Tools & Silos to be Efficient

Using separate tools for customer analysis, campaign management, and email marketing? Forced to export and import audience segment lists into multiple tools for campaign setup? Struggling to keep each tool and database in sync with each other?

The Problem

As the number of channels grow inside our ecosystem, so does the number of tools and teams we use to manage them all. It becomes extremely time consuming, expensive, and inefficient for marketers when they have to wait for IT to generate a report, create audience segment lists inside a customer data platform, and upload them into a campaign management tool for deployment. It’s also challenging to keep your customer experience consistently relevant when each tool thinks it’s the main source of truth for customer data and operates out of context of each other.

The Solution

Do more with less! Chameleon™ is a fully integrated system built from the ground up that enables Adaptive Marketers to conveniently plan, curate and orchestrate their entire Adaptive Marketing strategy from one tool. Because Chameleon uses your Adaptive Marketer™ Data Environment, you can do things like understand your customers, build accurate audience segments, and optimize campaigns all from the same tool. This alleviates the need to use multiple disconnected tools and rely on busy resources—saving you time, money, and headaches.


Get 10x faster time-to-value without needing to memorize 37 different logins.

Martech 5000 Marketing Technology Landscape 2017

We don’t have time to wait days or weeks to get reports from multiple tools and teams. 

Check out this post from our own Adaptive Marketer™, Roger Luxton: Too Many Tools? He proves the point that it’s time to adapt and thrive by not only consolidating your customer data, but also the tools and teams involved. He suggests how we can make things easier on ourselves as Adaptive Marketers.

Make Life Easier