Adaptive Marketer Top 10

Adaptive Marketer Top 10

An Adaptive Marketer™ is an agile, customer experience enthusiast that takes a customer-centric approach to marketing instead of a channel-centric approach.

Become a Better Marketer

In this comprehensive eBook, we dive into the top 10 things that Adaptive Marketers can do that traditional digital marketers can’t:

  1. Opportunity Trees – Static, linear customer journey maps don’t work anymore. There’s a more dynamic solution.
  2. Adaptive Marketer™ Data Environment – Centralize and standardize all customer information. All of it!
  3. Real-Time Adaptive Customer Counts – Pull data in a matter of seconds, not days or weeks.
  4. Data Helpers – Quickly and easily add new customer data without help from IT.
  5. Single Event View Reporting – Get a holistic, real-time view of your marketing ecosystem at all times.
  6. Integrated Audience Segments – Immediately turn insights into action within a single tool.
  7. Real-Time Adaptive Email Campaigns – Maintain relevant messaging between the time of send, open, and reopen.
  8. Real-Time Adaptive Omnichannel Campaigns – Automatically adapt to customer behavior on any channel.
  9. Real-Time Adaptive Display Ad Targeting – Identify and personalize advertising opportunities across the internet.
  10. Real-Time Adaptive Attribution – Understand your combined marketing and advertising ROI for each customer.

If you’re prepared to focus on optimizing the context, speed, and state of each customer relationship instead of each channel, you’re on your way to becoming an Adaptive Marketer. Download the eBook to learn more!

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