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DMA &THEN 2018

Each year, &THEN becomes the global HQ for the data-driven marketing industry. It’s a place where ideas take root and business gets done. Alterian technology allows marketers to quickly and easily organize and visualize data so they can execute highly personalized and relevant campaigns at unprecedented speed.

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Too Much Data?

With the mass amounts of information being generated online in the modern era, it’s not surprising that many marketers feel they’ve simply got too much data. However, the data isn’t actually the problem—the tools you need to make sense of it are.

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5 Things That Shaped Campaign Management and Marketing

What are the inventions, ideas, and innovations, that have made modern campaign management and marketing as we know it today? There are five things with the most influence shaping our industry, and they each have something in common.

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Data Helpers Alterian

Still Waiting on IT to Pull Customer Data for Marketing?

Good news, IT teams: Marketers can now get Real-Time Adaptive Customer Counts without needing you to run reports! It’s a win-win for both departments.

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Stop! List-Based Marketing Is Not Database Marketing

You may feel enticed by big, fancy marketing solutions, but it’s far more likely that you need a much simpler and cheaper fix: Database marketing.

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DataIQ Future 2017

Adaptive Marketers are data-driven. That’s why Alex Simonson, VP Business Development EMEA, will be attending the DataIQ Future 2017 conference to learn the latest industry insights, network, and share Alterian solutions to the ever-advancing needs of marketing data.

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Data & Customer Experience Make the Greatest IMPACT on Marketing

Alterian CSO Jeff Hassemer recently spoke on a panel at IMPACT17, which focused on how being data-driven and managing customer experience impacts marketing.

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CEO Bob Hale speaking at elevateCX event

CX: The Most Important Marketing Acronym

CX: Two little letters, one great responsibility. Customer experience has become the one of the most essential metrics for determining a company’s success.

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Jeff Hassemer of Alterian speaking at the Yes 2017 Summit

Yes! to Better CX

Alterian was the platinum sponsor for the Yes Summit, focused on current states, best practices, and emerging trends in marketing and customer experience.

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Bob Hale Alterian MarTech Advisor Interview

In Martech, All Paths Lead to Customer Experience

Alterian CEO Bob Hale interviewed with MarTech Advisor, discussing how to create Adaptive Customer Experiences as well as the ‘Math Men’ era of marketing.

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Alterian GBG Webinar Panel

Event-Driven Marketing: Engaging with Your Customers at the Right Time

Roger Luxton joined a GBG webinar panel about event-driven marketing. Learn how this type of data enables you to personalize messaging for an Adaptive Customer Experience.

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How to Save Retail

Alterian’s Bill Ferguson, VP Sales, and Jeff Hassemer, CSO, left CRMC 2017 with one major solution for retail marketers in mind: Customer experience.

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