Oath is now Verizon Media Group – Impacts on Email Marketing

Previously falling under the Oath umbrella, beginning earlier this year Yahoo and AOL now live under the re-branded name of Verizon Media Group. What this means for email marketers is that, even though Yahoo and AOL will maintain their respective brands, similar delivery patterns will continue to exist. Therefore, if much of the email you send is landing in the spam folder at one, it likely will at the other as well.  If you are not experiencing a high percentage of bounces, but the response rates are low, this is a good indication that most, or possibly all, of the mail is landing in the spam folder. Coincidentally, if mail is spam bouncing or getting deferred, likely due to too many recipient complaints or sudden spikes in volume, then expect to see this pattern at both ISPs.

Delivering email to the inbox

Getting Delivered to the Inbox

According to the Verizon Media Postmaster, in addition to mailing to a clean list, a good way to avoid having your mail land in the spam folder is to offer a one-click unsubscribe, otherwise known as RFC8058. The good news is that Alterian already offers the “mailto:” unsubscribe format of the list-unsubscribe header, which is enabled by default for its clients in the platform.

This is also an optimal time to remind senders that it’s always a good idea to monitor subscriber behavior on your list to see how they are performing. If recipients have lost interest and are not opening or clicking your mail then it may be time to review subject lines or freshen up the template or content. For those who still aren’t engaging, explore adding a win-back campaign or series to bring them back.

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Scot Berggren Alterian

Scot Berggren,

Scot Berggren has been part of the Alterian team since 2017 and has been in the email deliverability and marketing industry for over a decade. He has experience both on the consulting side from his days with Return Path, as well as the one segmenting and deploying campaigns as an Email Marketing Manager.

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