Campaign Manager

Orchestrate. Learn. Improve.

Campaign Manager is a customer experience orchestration tool that enables Adaptive Marketers to automate a consistently relevant Adaptive Customer Experience (ACX) by simultaneously utilizing the latest state of each customer relationship across multiple campaigns and channels.

With Alterian’s 20 years of experience, Campaign Manager acts as a fully centralized product suite for visualizing, creating, managing and optimizing all your automated and extremely personalized batch, trigger and real-time campaigns. Campaign Manager leverages your Adaptive Marketer™ DataMart from Insights to build campaigns based on the full context of your audience segments.

As campaigns go live and customers interact with your brand, Campaign Manager will collect the new, in-the-moment response activity (fast) data from any interaction and merge it with the historical (slow) data that’s available in the Adaptive Marketer™ DataMart, ensuring that your active campaigns maintain full context of the customer’s relationship and the next message sent is as personalized and relevant as possible. Within seconds, marketers can see the effectiveness of their campaigns and optimize them knowing they have the latest state of the customer relationship in mind.

Campaign Manager takes automation to a whole new level, letting you constantly improve your customer experience based on consumer behavior and the full context of their relationship. Use one tool and one database to maximize every opportunity to increase lifetime value (LTV) with each individual customer. 

Build batch, trigger, and real-time campaigns all from the same place using your Insights Adaptive Marketer DataMart, so that your audience segments and campaign results are dynamically connected, shared, and updated across your entire Adaptive Customer Experience™ platform.
Apply responsedriven personalization to any of your campaigns so you can automatically send the right message and naturally adapt to your customer’s unpredictable behavior across any channel.
Build campaigns that always use the latest state of each customer relationship by merging in-the-moment response activity (fast) data with historical (slow) data from your Insights Adaptive Marketer™ DataMart.
See campaign success in a matter of minutes as new response data flows in, and then act on that new data in real-time as customers are interacting with your brand.
Campaign Manager has its own feature rich ESP that is directly integrated with your Adaptive Marketer™ DataMart giving you the unique ability to not only create standalone email campaigns and embed them into trigger and realtime campaigns from the same tool, but also to see email response data in minutes rather than hours or days.
If you have existing third-party tools, ESPs and partners that you love, keep using them! Over the past 20 years we’ve built flexible APIs and open-source connectors, enabling Campaign Manager to integrate with most industry standard players and more.

What’s in the Box?

  • Batch Campaigns
  • Trigger Campaigns
  • Real-Time Campaigns (requires DDE)
  • Insights (includes Adaptive Marketer™ DataMart)
  • Email Manager (optional)

Your First Few Minutes with Campaign Manager

  • Select campaign type
  • Apply audience segment from Insights
  • Select channels & placements
  • Set up events & rules
  • Create or upload creative
  • Test campaign configuration
  • Deploy!

Discover the Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform

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Turn insights into action by analyzing your customers and campaigns in full context using one integrated tool and one centralized marketingspecific database.

Alterian Adaptive Customer Experience™ Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager

Orchestrate a consistently relevant Adaptive Customer Experience™ throughout your entire ecosystem by simultaneously utilizing the latest state of each customer relationship across all campaigns.

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Dynamic Decision Engine

Create real-time campaigns using fast and slow data to adapt to your customers behavior and personalize messaging in-the-moment in less than 100 milliseconds no matter where and when a customer interacts.