Why More Businesses are Partnering with Alterian to Drive Revenue Growth

When seeking out a technology partner for Customer Journey Analytics and Customer Journey Orchestration, it’s important to ensure the platform you choose – and the team behind it – are fully equipped to meet your needs and achieve the goals of your business and clients.

Because a successful partnership relies on understanding, synergy and collaboration, along with a willingness from your new partner to go above and beyond to support your growth.

That is the value of partnering with Alterian.

Harness the Power of Experience

We are the recognized Customer Journey Orchestration experts. We have vast experience, and have partnered with businesses around the world, guiding them through the ever-changing CX landscape while supporting their business goals and driving performance with our cutting-edge technology.

Our commitment to ensuring every one of our partners can confidently deliver exceptional outcomes for their clients is what makes us stand out, bolstered by the commercial success and revenue growth that extends from the partnerships we share.

Four ways Alterian helps their partners achieve revenue growth:

  1. Add new products and services to sell in the fast-growing and increasingly vital field of customer journey orchestration.
  2. Helping them help their clients to better understand customer wants and address them in real-time and at scale.
  3. Increasing client retention by providing valuable new insights and data strategy.
  4. Reducing costs to serve clients through more efficient systems integration and business processes.

All of this is made possible with our best-in-class Customer Journey Analytics and Customer Journey Orchestration platform, Real-Time CX.


Why Partner with Alterian – The Business Case

Partnering with any business is a decision not to be taken lightly. Before committing to any partnership – whether that be in technology or services– we know that decision makers will always need to analyze the commercials and ensure the ROI and overall long-term value is worthwhile.

We recognize the importance of this and ensure we support people during the decision-making process, taking the time to clearly explain and demonstrate the advantages and value of choosing us as a technology partner.

Partnering with Alterian means you get access to our Real-Time CX Platform, a best-in-class solution and recognized Forrester Leader. This not only delivers immense value to your business, but it also allows you to improve the performance of your clients.

Real-Time CX helps businesses to optimize customer experiences by enabling them to see and understand customer journeys through Customer Journey Analytics; and then, individualize and optimize customer journeys through the power of Real-Time Journey Orchestration and Journey AI.

 The benefits this delivers your business:

  • Add new services and solutions to your offering and tap into new opportunities across the complete customer lifecycle.
  • Drive new revenue by providing greater value to your clients with a profitable and scalable model.
  • Deliver deeper value and understanding to your clients through Alterian’s Customer Journey Analytics insights and visualizations.
  • Create common use cases to drive repeatable conversions in specific verticals.
  • Reduce time and resources required to uncover significant journeys.
  • Support and enable your client’s customer-led digital transformation.
  • Integrate previously siloed channels and systems in real-time using Real-Time CX’s Customer Journey Analytics and Journey Orchestration capabilities.
  • Leverage customer journey data to develop strong use cases and ROI propositions.
  • Instantly implement Journey Orchestration to deliver individualized experiences that drive client revenue, reduce costs, and improve CSAT.
  • Reduce your own cost to serve, utilizing Alterian’s expertise and resources to streamline core processes and improve efficiency.


Gain the Advantage by Partnering with a Leader

Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform is a recognized leader, and was named a Leader in the Forrester Wave: Journey Orchestration Platforms 2022, highlighted for its excellence and ability to help businesses see and understand their customer journeys with Customer Journey Analytics and optimize them in real-time through AI-powered Real-Time Journey Orchestration.

Partnering with us gives you the opportunity to access these powerful capabilities.

A diversity of service and software businesses already choose us because of our recognized excellence, along with our flexible partner program and ability to deliver success and value to their clients.

We believe in a collaborative approach, and have the team, technology, and processes in place to fast-track onboarding and time to value. Example partnerships we have include:

  • Partners that resell Real-Time CX.
  • Partners that private label and embed Real-Time CX into their larger software platform.
  • Partners that embed Real-Time CX into their service as a solution offering.

Ready to discover new opportunities with Alterian?

Get in touch to discuss our Partner Program and find out how our Real-Time CX Platform can help your team achieve more for your clients while boosting revenue and growth for your business.

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