Alterian Launches Journey Discovery

Our latest technology offering gives brands the power to find, understand, and quantify customers’ true behaviors and journeys at rapid speeds.

  • Identify customer journeys at an individual level
  • Leverage AI-powered insights to accelerate CX optimization
  • The only technology in-market built exclusively for customer journey data

Journey Discovery enables brands to see and understand true customer journey behavior

Driven by powerful AI and built exclusively for customer journey data, Journey Discovery will redefine customer journey analysis and measurement, particularly for time and resource-poor brands. Not only is it an efficient tool that accelerates the journey discovery and analysis process, but it also provides teams the data they need to make CX decisions with confidence.

“Brands spend a great deal of time and money on trying to plan out what they believe are the ideal journeys and evaluate what journeys are having the most impact,” says Bob Hale, CEO of Alterian. “However, most of the time, teams don’t actually have a true understanding of how their customers are actually behaving. This makes it almost impossible to make clear decisions with confidence.”

“Journey Discovery solves this issue. Using powerful AI, it is able to analyze billions of customer interactions across all channels and identify true customer journey behavior at that important individual level. Businesses then have a range of extremely valuable insights, which can then be used to improve future performance.”

Journey Discovery Benefits

  • Uncover known and unknown journeys and micro-journeys at rapid speeds.
  • See the actual steps customers take as they create and navigate their unique cross-channel journey.
  • Understand the true impact of customer journeys on CX and business KPIs.
  • Prioritize the most valuable CX initiatives based on AI-discovered insights.
  • Identify friction points and problematic behavioral patterns to fix.
  • Compare mapped journeys against actual journey performance and business metrics.
  • Visualizations and dashboards via Alterian’s Customer Journey Analytics.

The release of Journey Discovery is yet another milestone for the team at Alterian. As Forrester leaders and industry experts, they pride themselves on their commitment to giving businesses the guidance and technology they need to achieve their customer-led transformation goals.

Hale says, “Our clients asked for a better way to bring real journey insights into their journey mapping processes, and Journey Discovery is one more way they can achieve faster and more accurate understanding of their customers’ behaviors. This will be a real game-changer, providing teams with real-world insights that can quickly be put into action.”

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