Time For Business Users To Take Control of CX

The recent Covid-19 crisis has accelerated a demand for Real-Time CX experience technology.  Businesses and particularly business users want to take control to help speed up digital transformation.  Many of our clients have been able to survive and thrive through the use of Journey Orchestration and Journey Analytics functionality.

Using the right technology, such as Real-Time CX, empowers business users to turbo charge existing systems, have rapid digital transformation and improve the customer experience.  Businesses can now create new journeys in minutes and hours rather than weeks and months.  One of the big benefits of these technologies is to free up IT time and let users take control.


What are the things that enable users to take control?


Sounds obvious, but much of the technology out there is still aimed at technical developers rather than business users.  Usability is crucial for adoption, Alterian’s CX Real-Time Platform is a leader for Usability.  Making it easy for business users to orchestrate Journeys, build and edit them, and view the impact using analytics and dashboards is vital.  After all, if users don’t feel comfortable with software they won’t use it, and you won’t get the benefit of being able to change the customer experience in seconds.


Clearly, business users can’t control everything themselves.  They need some involvement from technical teams, and again this is where you can make their lives easier. Having tech that is cloud hosted, sits alongside all your existing technology, and has a public Template Library of standard connectors and assets improves usability.  When your developers do want to create new functions or connectors, they have a power ‘low code’ interface designed just for them.


It doesn’t make sense to try and change everything at once.  It is easier, faster, and safer to take control on a use case by use case basis.  That way, you can get quick wins under your belt, demonstrate success, and bring colleagues along with you. You can reduce risk even further by choosing a vendor with Fast Track Blueprints available to guide you through your main challenges, whether they be driving acquisitionengagementretention or reducing costs.


When you take control, it’s essential to show the value your use cases deliver.  It turns them from interesting to exciting.  Most business users do not want to develop their own reports. Having standard dashboards and journey analytics which work straight out of the box are so valuable.  Easily seeing uplift against your goals, comparing performance ‘before’ vs ‘after’ all helps to prove the value.


With the right technology, as you build out more use cases, you create a library of channel connectors and assets to re-use.  That means that making new use cases becomes even quicker and easier, using either the public or your private template library.

Want to find out more and take control? Want to work with a Leader in this space?  Why not get in touch for a discussion with one of our consultants.

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