Campaign Manager 6.2

The Adaptive Customer Experience™ Evolves

Marketers today struggle to keep up with technology, best practices, and consumer expectations that seem to evolve more quickly than we can learn and implement. As marketers ourselves, we understand the need for a simple but powerful tool to visualize, identify, and connect with customers for more valuable relationships.

This week, Alterian launches the latest release of Campaign Manager, a core component of our Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform. Our technology allows marketers to operate within a single marketing system, offering a seamless user experience that enables digital marketers to compete and win in the omnichannel world.

Alterian Campaign Manager

Campaign Management at the Core

If you’re a marketer, you run campaigns. How do you manage real-time, personalized delivery across multiple devices and channels? Just thinking about the amount of speed, data, and exponential unique customer journeys needed to effectively execute a campaign can make your head hurt.

That’s why we created Campaign Manager. Alterian marketers have the ability to fulfill campaign creation, execution, and analytics all live within a single, integrated environment.

New Features of Campaign Manager 6.2

This latest release extends the ability for users to easily create and execute multichannel campaigns within the Campaign Designer interface.

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Adaptive Customer Experience™ Data Connectors

To facilitate this, Campaign Manager 6.2 supports even more data connectors than its predecessor. As you build and manage campaigns in real time, productized connectors allow seamless integration with common third-party sources in the marketing ecosystem. This is all available at your fingertips maximized your efficiency to personalize messaging for your customers.

Real-Time Actionable Insights

In order to personalize that messaging and maximize opportunity with customers, digital marketers need to understand and analyze customer behavior in the moment. Campaign Manager 6.2 features a new Insights module to quickly and easily define, visualize, and act on complex segmentation.

Complete Email Integration

With all of this data centralized, Campaign Manager 6.2 also features a new Email Preview within Campaign Designer to increase speed and productivity. Alterian marketers truly only need a single tool to achieve complete campaign management success.

Execute with Confidence

Marketers think and operate across multiple disciplines, audiences, tools, and mediums at all times. The digital world has only increased the ability to customize and target our products and services, raising consumer expectations right along with it.

To stay sharp, you need sophisticated tools that are simple to use. As part of the Adaptive Customer Experience Platform, Campaign Manager centralizes the needs of digital marketers and data analysts. It allows you to be confident that you have the right data at the right time and gives you the ability to act on it seamlessly.

Alterian marketers can access more information about this release and receive dedicated support in the Alterian Academy, our one-stop shop for on-demand learning.

If you are interested in learning more about Alterian products, please reach out today.

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Bob Hale, Chief Executive Officer

Bob Hale is a global technology executive known for successfully transforming and leading marketing technology organizations with domestic and international settings. With 27 years of executive-level experience in the industry, Bob operates with a hungry, start-up mentality wherever he goes and inspires his team to do the same. He understands the diverse and ever-changing nature of technology and prides himself on recognizing and pursuing opportunities for change. 

Bob loves living in the beautiful Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver, Colorado and enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. Outside of the office, Bob likes to hike, tinker on projects around home, and has a passion for classic cars. 

Why do you do what you do?

“Marketing is what humanizes a company to its customers. Helping companies be better than their competition is my passion. Plus, at the end of the day, we are all consumers—how would you want to experience a brand? That’s how we get to the heart of business’s needs.”