Turning Insight Expertise Into CX Innovation

Find out how one of Alterian’s partners utilized their insight expertise and turned this into CX innovation with numerous clients.

The Partner

GBG, an identity management company, have been successfully providing customer database, analytical services and campaign management solutions to their clients for many years.  These solutions use a combination of GBG’s unique data assets, expert teams and use of third party technology.

The Challenge

GBG were receiving more and more request from clients asking for help to support them on digital transformation and customer experience projects.  Whilst GBG were able to provide consultancy to identify what needed to be done and could use their campaign solutions to go some way to support these clients, they still had a gap.  What GBG needed was a technology which could act as a central brain linking together their clients existing technologies, so that clients could listen to their customers at each touchpoint and then make intelligent data driven recommendations using the best available data – all in sub 100 millisecond real-time, leading to CX innovation.

Insights to CX Innovation

The Solution

After extensive research of potential technologies, GBG chose to work with the Alterian Real-Time CX platform.  After initial training of the GBG technology team, implementations commenced on two clients, a sporting club and a travel company.  As well as training, the Alterian Professional Services team also supported GBG with initial support to help tailor the systems.  Alex Thompson, Product Director at Alterian explains “we were so impressed with how rapidly the GBG team learnt and started using our technology.  With the benefit of their data, technical and business consultancy skills, they have become highly skilled experts on implementing our technology in just a few weeks”

The Benefits

The two initial implementations by GBG have delivered rapid benefits. For the sports club,

  1. The real-time initiative has meant that 1 in every 5 emails sent results in a recovered sale
  2. For every £1 invested, between £75 – £90 is being recovered in attributed sales.

For the travel company,

  1. The solution has connected the website and call center channels together to ensure a better customer experience.
  2. The initial use case generated circa £61,000 of directly attributable revenue.

There are other benefits as well as Jayne Thomas, Client Engagement Director, GBG explains:

“We’ve now got an excellent solution to address the digital transformation and customer experience challenges that so many of our clients face.  By combining the skills and data assets of GBG together with the Real-time CX platform from Alterian we have delivered fantastic results for our clients.”

GBG offers a series of solutions that help organisations quickly validate and verify the identity and location of their customers, detect and prevent fraud, and engage with their customers in a meaningful way.  Our innovative technology leads the world in location intelligence and fraud detection. GBG’s products are built on an unparalleled breadth of data obtained from over 200 global partners, which helps us to verify the identity of 4.4 billion people globally.  Our headquarters are in the UK and we have nearly 1,000 team members across 16 countries. We work with clients in 72 countries including some of the best-known businesses around the world.

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