Turning Unknown Visitors Into Your Best Customers

How would you feel if you weren’t doing anything to personally engage with your biggest group of prospects? You’d think it was a wasted opportunity. But that is exactly what many businesses are failing to do.  Day-in-day out they are not engaging in the best way with unknown visitors to your website. So what could you be doing?

Unknown Visitors

What is needed to optimize your unknown website visitors? 


The first trick is to start listening to the behaviour of unknown visitors. You may already have an individual visitor tracking solution. If you haven’t you could add Alterian Digital Fingerprinting to your site, it’s simple and straightforward. You can then listen to unknown visitors and their behavior across multiple web visits.  Use Journey Analytics to see exactly what they do on your website and beyond.


You can now start to personalize the messages and creative they see.  Even if you just know them by the digital fingerprint.  If a visitor shows interest in a particular product category, you can highlight relevant content? It sounds common sense but take a look around your website or your competitors.  You might be surprised how few seem to personalize based on what you’ve looked at.  Our clients get big uplifts in engagement even with seemingly simple personalization.  Using Journey Orchestration business users can adjust the messages in seconds.  No need to get the web team involved each time you want to change the message.


Of course, not every unknown visitor is going to be a great customer.  Rather than push everyone to register the minute they hit the site, it may be better to focus on those who are more engaged with your content.  After all, they might be more interested in your other communications, such as emails.  Using automated testing powered by Machine Learning, lets you optimize the right time to push registration.


Once your unknown visitors register, you can personalize even more. Your outbound activity can use the website behavior, such as the products they are most interested in. Equally, as you listen to email open and click behavior, you can link that directly with further personalization when they return to your website. Having a central brain which in real-time brings together this brand and consumer activity will ensure you provide the optimum message for each consumer no matter which channel they are using.  Our Journey Analytics dashboards gives a high level view of ALL your activity mapped against your objectives.  So you are in control.


As you create your brand and consumer journeys, it pays to test effectiveness.  You want to optimize the prospects going right through from registered, to buying, to buying a second time and ultimately becoming a regular buyer. Clearly the easier it is to test and refine the better.  Clear dashboard reports, automated AI driven testing all make users lives easier. Plus, they make sure the customer sees the best message.

If you feel you aren’t making the most of your Unknown Visitors now is the time to take action.  Why not get in touch for a discussion with one of our consultants.

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