Customer and Campaign Analytics in Full Context at Your Fingertips

Insights is an extremely fast, train-of-thought customer and campaign analysis tool within the Alterian Adaptive Customer Experience™ platform that provides Adaptive Marketers™ with their own centralized, marketingspecific database to turn insights into action.

For the last 20 years, Alterian has set the new standard for helping marketers truly understand their customers by linking extremely fast audience segmentation, helpful visualizations and sophisticated reports, to live campaign activity. Adaptive Marketers can pull in raw, granular customer information from multiple data sources into one view and one data model that’s optimized specifically for marketing needs, allowing for a full contextual and consistent understanding of the latest state of each customer relationship. Because Insights is directly integrated with Campaign Manager, you can quickly take an idea, validate it, then act on it by creating or optimizing campaigns on the fly without reliance on any team so you can see success as it happens. 

View results in seconds as you query hundreds of millions of rows of customer and campaign data, allowing you to answer questions at the speed of thought.

Once you gain a new insight, you can immediately use it in a new or ongoing campaign in just minutes by moving the segment attributes, creative, and messaging from Insights directly into Campaign Manager. 

Always know the latest state of each customer relationship in full context from singlequick user interface where data is already organized and constantly updated, eliminating the need for standalone analysis and reporting tools run by IT.

Always use the latest state of each customer relationship by merging mass amounts of historical behavioral (slow) data and in-the-moment campaign response (fast) data as it flows in.

Using a widely-known open source ETL process and Alterian’s proprietary data transformation and standardization practices, create an extension of your enterprise data warehouse and have all your customer data flow from multiple sources and channels into one marketingspecific database that speaks your language and that you control.

Don’t be reliant on IT or wait weeks on other departments in your organization when it comes time to run customer reports or optimize your current campaigns.

What’s in the Box?

  • Adaptive Marketer™ DataMart
  • Customer Analytics
  • Campaign Analytics

Your First Few Minutes with Insights

  • View granular customer attributes & data
  • Analyze reports & visualizations
  • Create custom audience segments
  • Prepare for campaign creation

Discover the Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform


Turn insights into action by analyzing your customers and campaigns in full context using one integrated tool and one centralized marketingspecific database. 


Orchestrate a consistently relevant Adaptive Customer Experience™ throughout your entire ecosystem by simultaneously utilizing the latest state of each customer relationship across all campaigns.

Dynamic Decision Engine

Create real-time campaigns using fast and slow data to adapt to your customers behavior and personalize messaging in-the-moment in less than 100 milliseconds no matter where and when a customer interacts.