Forrester Case Study: ScottishPower Adapts to Customer Needs with RTIM


ScottishPower is one of the ‘big six’ suppliers in the UK’s retail energy market, providing energy to more than 5 million customers. As an Ultimate Adaptive Marketer™, ScottishPower recognizes the importance of customer experience as a unique identifier.

By leveraging the combined power of the Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform, including InsightsCampaign Manager, and our Dynamic Decision Engine, they were able to upgrade their approach to campaigns, centralize all customer data, take advantage of the latest state of each customer relationship to make personalization decisions in less than 100 milliseconds, and more.

Across three case studies for specific personas and business objectives, we examine how Alterian enabled ScottishPower to achieve new heights, including significant improvements in:

SP Overcomes Category Challenges With Better Customer Experience (CX)
Firms in low-frequency purchase categories like the utilities industry must capitalize on each customer interaction. SP’s RTIM strategy centers on its ability to demonstrate a tangible value exchange at every touchpoint throughout the customer life cycle.

Customer Understanding Is The Focal Point For RTIM
Customer-obsessed thinking helps B2C marketers maintain a competitive foothold. But success requires them to draw on deep customer insights and leverage RTIM as part of their EMT ecosystem to address evolving customer expectations.

RTIM’s Value Extends Beyond Marketing Use Cases
SP aligns its EMT ecosystem with its larger business technology environment. The company leverages its RTIM investments not only to orchestrate better CX, but to also improve ongoing services and product development.

Download the Forrester case study to learn more about the Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform in action.