What Is Adaptive Marketing?

Slow and Fast Data Alterian

What exactly is Adaptive Marketing?

You’re not in control of your customer’s journey—they are. But that’s okay! You simply need the ability to adapt to customers’ unpredictable behavior through full context and speed of the data (both slow and fast) that you have. Our fearless leader sums it up quite nicely:

“Adaptive Marketing consistently aligns business objectives and customer desires. We turn our clients into Adaptive Marketers, or innovative customer experience enthusiasts who can simultaneously achieve a business objective while creating the best brand experience possible. Together, they give marketers the insights to recognize that customer journey maps don’t work. It’s not about optimizing channels anymore, but rather maximizing every opportunity with each individual customer using the full context of their relationship with your brand.”

– Bob Hale, CEO

It’s clear that modern marketing will require you to step up your game. How do you make the shift from traditional marketer to Adaptive Marketer? Here are the essentials:

  • Consolidated & Centralized Customer Data
  • Extremely Fast Analytics & Insights
  • Full Context Audience Segmentation
  • Holistic Campaign Orchestration
  • Centralized Decision Engine
  • Campaign Results in Minutes
  • … and to have all of this in one tool.

Download the white paper to learn more about the Adaptive Marketer™ Approach, delving into each of these essentials, and learn all about what the shift to Adaptive Marketing could mean for your business.